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The Master's Walking Stick (Glen Floyd)

There once was a servant who wasn't very bright. In fact he was quite stupid and clumsy. He couldn't tell the time, he was late, and when he brought food he always managed to drop something, making a mess.

Although he was a bit dim and clumsy. The master was often lonely and so enjoyed his company. The master thought it was funny when he made mistakes. So he kept the servant, and often they would watch television to gether and chat. It was better than being alone.

But then one day, the master got married. His wife didn't like the clumsy servant. So she complained and complained until her husband agreed to get rid of the servant.

The master called for his servant, and explained that he would no longer need a servant. The dim servant didn't quite understand. So the master gave him a walking stick, and told him to search the country for someone who was more clumsy and less intelligent than himself.

So the servant left confused and bewildered and searched the country North, South, East and West for a bigger fool than himself.

Ten years later, while the servant was still searching, he heard that his Master was ill, and that his wife had left him. So the servant returned.

He noticed that his master had got very old and frail. The master knew he was dying, but didnt want to upset the dim servant. So he told him he was going away on a very long journey.

"Where are you going Master?" asked the servant

"I don't know...I'm not sure...but I'm going tonight!" replied the Master

"Have you packed your bags, brought some food, your toothbrush??" asked the servant

"No, I'm not ready, I'm not ready!" answered the Master

The servant thought for a while, the remembered his walking stick.

" You're going on a journey, you don't know where, you havent packed, you havent even brought a toothbrush, you're not ready and you're going tonight!!......You're the biggest fool I know!"

and the servant handed his master the walking stick.

So pepople get ready, Jesus is coming

Soon we'll be going home.

People get ready. Jesus is coming. To take from the world his own.

There will be a day. When we will be divided right and left.

For those who know him. And those who do not know.

Those who know him well will meet him in the air Hallelujah. God is with us.

Those who do not know. they wil hear depart. I knwo you not.

For my friends you see. There will be a day, when we'll be counted.

So know him well. know him well.


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