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Newtownbreda Baptist

The Murphy Family - Update

The Murphys - email

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Dear Christian friends,

As a family we sincerely want to thank you for your support since we last wrote to you. The lord has answered prayer in many ways, not least concerning the family. Daniel and I have just returned from a very pleasant weekend in Edinburgh. We praise and thank the Lord for the way He has so obviously guided and blessed both Jonathan and Namoi. They both appreciate the fellowship and teaching in their local church at Carrubbers Close, and find their courses very enjoyable. David finishes his teacher training course at Queens University at the end of May and has had a great year. He is now back at Queens studying Theology. Paul is extremely busy with all aspects of A-levels and school life. Esther-Joy, Rebekah, Daniel and I look forward to going back to the Canary Islands on the 20th June. For all of us it has been a busy and demanding year, but we have proved the Lord's faithfulness throughout.

News from Canary Islands gives us constant encouragement which Dennis writes to share with you:-

The Jinamar church looks upon the prison ministry as part of its evangelistic outreach. They not only pray, but some are corresponding with inmates. Amalia is seeing the lord work in tremendous ways in the women's section.

I have been constanly reminded of the following words over the past few months, especially on my weekly visits to the prison: " I will heal  their backsliding and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them". 'A' is a baptised believer who is serving a six year prison sentence. He has come back to the Lord and is doing a terrific work amongst his fellow inmates, one of whom 'J' was also a church goer, but whose life sadly is in a mess. 'P'was brought up in a Christian home but got involved in drug affairs and is now serving a twelve year sentence. His testimony can be best decribed in his own words:- "Dennis, this is the best thing that has happened to me. I had to come to this place in order for the Lord to bring me to himself". He is now   invovled in a daily bible study and has the joy of seeing 'F' saved. Both their wives are now attending church.

Special prayer is asked for Carlos, a name which many of you will recognise from previous prayer letters or having met him in our home. At present he is at the drug rehabilitation centre again.

Another opportunity for the church to evangelise is through the monthly open-air outreach. As yet none of those contacted have come to the church, but friendships have been made. The Men's Spiritual retreat in March was encouraging because some non-Christians attended. Easter was the time when the young people had their very challenging retreat, and now the women are looking forward to their break at the end of May, when the ladies from Tenerife will be joining them in fellowship.

On Sunday the 9th May the church was full to celebrate the presentation service of Sara, the daughter of Pepe (Camp cook) and Margarita. After thirteen years of marriage the Lord blessed them with this wonderful gift. After the service Pepe said "now all my family and friends have heard the Gospel".

Although the climate does not change much we do have what we call our summer

activites. In July we have our DV BS(Daily Vacation Bible School) in the port, Pedro Hidalgo and Jinamar Churches. On 10-18th is the Childrens Camp, followed by Youth Camp until the 30th.

We want to thank you for all your prayers and faithful support that means so much to us and the work in Jinamar. You are the "Unseen Missionaires" in the Canary Islands